Savings Challenge

Do you have a big event coming up this year? Are you planning a vacation? Or just want to remove some financial stress next Christmas? What ever you have scheduled for 2019, a little extra cash is never going to go astray.

We both swear by the 52 Week Savings Challenge. This challenge sees you put aside $1 in the first week of the year, $2 in the second week, $3 in the third week and so on until the final week of the year where you’re adding $52 into your savings jar.

If the whole 52 weeks of the challenge is completed, you’ll have put aside a grand total of $1378. Not a bad little effort..

We’ve put together a downloadable printable to assist you with sticking to the challenge this year.

A couple of tips to assist with the savings challenge:

  • either work through the list in weekly order; or if finances permit, add the higher amounts to your savings jar and work backwards..
  • either physically add cash to a jar, or electronically transfer money on each pay day.
  • round the amounts up – eg: instead of transferring $8 in week 8, round it to $10 and increase your end of year total along the way

Good luck with your savings – we’d love to hear how you go with the Challenge.

Bree & Malene x

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