Just get out and explore

In all honesty, when did you last get out of the house and just go and explore? As working parents and busy families, it can be so easy to get caught up with the daily routines, and when the weekend finally rolls around half the time we’re too tired to go somewhere new.

One of our New Year resolutions is to get to know the Mornington Peninsula a little better – whether that’s finding a new park for the girls to play; locating a quiet beach for a swim or just sitting on the sand with a book; a small business to support; markets to wander; or a new cafe to sit and enjoy a coffee.

Today both our families both headed across the Peninsula and enjoyed breakfast and coffee at The Store Cafe in Somers before heading to Flinders to explore the rock pools and watch the wonder that is the blow hole.

Despite being a Sunday, the middle of the Christmas/New Year break and school holidays, the Flinders Blowhole was reasonably quiet, and is a great place on a low tide to explore rock pools with big and little kids alike.

It wasn’t just our girls that enjoyed our time there. All four of us parents had just as much enjoyment as they did, watching as the waves were pushed up through the blowhole and looking for shells and crabs under rocks in the tidal pools.

After a couple of hours exploring, it was time to head back into Flinders, and today we skipped our usual coffee and instead enjoyed chocolate tastings and ice cream from the new Mornington Peninsula Chocolaterie that opened up on Boxing Day – definitely a must visit when in Flinders (blog post on MP Chocolaterie coming next week).

We hope you’ll join us with our resolution to get to know the Peninsula better – when we take a few moments (ok a few hours) out of our normal routine and try something different, we may just stumble across a new favourite location – we certainly did just that today.

For suggestions on things to do these summer holidays, check out our Mornington Peninsula Summer Bucklist available for purchase and download in our new online store.

Have a great summer, and enjoy all that the Peninsula has to offer.