Is there one holiday destination you just can’t shake???

Is there ever just one place that is your go to for holidays? That simple no fuss, I’ve been there before holiday destination?

For me it is Bali and Hawaii for Bree. They are both destinations that we have been to multiple times and I mean MULTIPLE.

I consciously decided that I didn’t need to go to Bali again. Surely the nine times before have been enough. It’s a tiny island, there can’t be more to see & do right? But now I’ve booked again. On a spare of the moment impulse ticket purchase and now I find myself justifying to friends and family why we are going for the tenth time.

Well here’s the thing. I’m a busy, full time working mum. When I am at home my family gets my full attention and likewise when I am at work looking after multiple projects and people. I need an easy break. I need somewhere familiar where I can relax, not do all the tourist things (I’ve already done them) and recharge. I need to just put a full stop on life for 10 days and just be with family and read a book. I don’t feel the YOLO need to be in the go everyday exploring. So Bali is for me.

Sometimes the what is familiar is just what you need. Don’t get me wrong, we will be traveling again to new places next year but right now I just need familiar. And I’m happy with that.

Do you do this as well? Tell us where your ‘go to’ destinations are.

So expect Bali spam end of October!

Malene xx

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