Flight delays..

Is there anything worse than a flight delay? How about a 7.5 hour delay?

That’s what we faced today with our flight to Hawaii.. While we did receive notification from Jetstar about the delay, we had already reached the city and turning back to the Peninsula wasn’t really something we were keen to do.

How do you entertain a child at the airport for such a long period of time? We decided to try out the new American Express Lounge at Melbourne Airport. (Eligibility to access the lounge is determined by the type of American Express credit card you hold)

We certainly weren’t disappointed.. While they don’t have the biggest range of food available, what they do have is more than sufficient. Tonight’s options included lasagne; rice and vegetable curry; and chicken wings. Additional items included cheese, salads and lollies, plus a full service bar.

Once the lounge supervisor Rippy found out that Isabella was upset about such a big delay with our flight, he asked of he could organise a little surprise for her. What he organised was far more than we could have expected..

Out came a plate of cake, with Bella written on the plate.. it was so nice to see that good customer service still exists, and we can see why Rippy has been nominated for a customer service award at the airport.

While we still had to put up with the delayed flight, our experience at the American Express Lounge certainly made the time a little more manageable..

We’ll definitely head back to the Lounge next time we are heading on an international flight..

Now we just have to deal with an overtired 6 year old…

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