Packing List: carry on

Working out what to pack in your carry on luggage can be difficult, especially when limited with the size and weight restrictions based on the individual airlines.

We’re flying out to Hawaii on Sunday with Jetstar and given we also have checked in luggage, our carry on luggage can be quite light.

Isabella’s carry on case:

  • iPad – we use a blue-tooth USB device that is loaded with hours of her favourite programs/movies. This allows flexibility and entertainment when sitting at the gate or on the bus transfer out to the hotel.
  • Headphones – we’re trying out these $10 kids ones from Kmart. Works perfectly with the iPad and will fit into the headphone sockets on the plane as well.
  • Change of Clothes – let’s be honest, when don’t kids get dirty?
  • Reading books – we’re missing two weeks of school, so keeping up with school reading requirements is a must during this holiday
  • Notebook and Pencils – Isabella will be completing a journal entry each day to take back to school
  • Freddo Frog – we always pack a favourite treat (or two) for the flight
  • Bunny – the trusted, favourite toy – Isabella has had her bunny since she was a baby and won’t travel anywhere without it

Bree’s carry on case:

  • Passports – definitely easier to keep them all in one place when travelling
  • Camera – as much as I love my Canon DSLR, it’s certainly easier to travel with my Panasonic Lumix
  • Headphones – I picked up these noise cancelling headphones at Washington DC airport a couple of years ago, and now can’t imagine travelling without them
  • Chocolate – need I say more?
  • Laptop – great for Netflix, study sessions mid-flight, or for completing a quick blog post
  • Book – I can’t go anywhere without a book, and looking forward to starting ‘Winging It’ by Business Chicks founder Emma Isaacs
  • Planner – what self respecting planner goes anywhere without a planner?
  • Pens – those customs and passenger arrival cards won’t fill themselves out and it’s definitely easier to have your own pens then rely on one from the flight attendants
  • HP Sprocket – great for printing out those silly Snapchat photos for the planner or Isabella’s journal

Hope this helps you when trying to work out what to pack…


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